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John Deere 210L EP

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The John Deere 210L EP tractor loader is perfect for those who need a powerful and reliable machine. With its hydrostatic transmission, the 210L EP can handle even the most challenging tasks. Plus, its comfortable cab ensures that you'll be able to work all day without feeling cramped or uncomfortable. So if you're looking for a top-of-the-line tractor loader, the John Deere 210L EP is definitely worth considering.
Mechanical-Front-Wheel Drive
This machine is built for productivity, with a mechanical-front-wheel drive (MFWD) system that provides extra traction in poor underfoot conditions or when moving heavy loads. An optional limited-slip front axle delivers 65 percent of available power to the tire with the best traction, giving you true all-wheel-drive pulling power.
With an EPA Interim Tier 4 (IT4)-equivalent/Final Tier 4 (FT4)-compliant Yanmar 3.3L engine, this tractor is built for those who need a machine that can handle any job. This engine requires no aftertreatment, minimizing machine complexity and the number of parts needed to maintain your fleet.
Grade-Control Ready
The John Deere 210L EP Tractor Loader is the perfect machine for your land-leveling needs. With the optional new factory-installed Grade-Control-Ready package, you'll have all the base components you need to control box-blade lift and tilt cylinders. Plus, with the new entry-level grade-indication option, you can easily keep track of the machine's roll and pitch with ±0.5-percent accuracy. Whether you're leveling a construction site or your own backyard, the John Deere 210L EP Tractor Loader is up to the task.
Ride Control
The 210L EP Tractor Loader is designed to provide a smooth ride over rough terrain, even when carrying a full load. The optional ride control activated front loader hydraulic cylinders act as a shock absorber, helping to reduce operator fatigue and ensuring that your load reaches its destination safely.
The hitch design makes it easy to position the box blade over the pile, and the integral three-point hitch and optional power takeoff (PTO) accommodate a variety of Category 2 tools such as disks, mowers, blades, and box scrapers. This versatile tractor loader is perfect for a variety of applications, from landscaping to construction.
Operator Comfort
John Deere 210L EP Tractor Loader provides an open operator station with a higher canopy for better visibility. With a wider and lower step, it is easier to service under-canopy components.
Easy Maintenance
The perfect machine for those who need a little extra power and productivity. With a two-position tilt hood, it provides same-side ground-level access to engine and transmission dipsticks, engine-oil fill, fuel and air filters, and coolant reservoir. Plus, the fuel fill is closely convenient so you can keep on going without having to stop.
The John Deere 210L EP Tractor Loader is designed for enhanced visibility and easier serviceability. With its higher canopy and wider, lower step, you'll have a clear view of the hood and front bucket - as well as the rear box blade. Plus, improved fender design and light positioning provide even better visibility around the canopy.


Overall length, mm (ft/in) 5310 (17 ft 5 in)
Minimum transport height, mm (ft/in) 2620 (8 ft 7 in)
Overall width, mm (ft/in) 2130 (7 ft )
Std shovel width, mm (inches) 2184 (86)
Dump Clearance @ 45 deg, mm (ft/in) 2660 (8 ft 11 in)
Dump Reach, mm (inches) 765 (30.1)
Bucket Hinge Pin - Max Height, mm (ft/in) 3360 (11 ft )
Coupler Pin-On


Fuel tank capacity, ltr (gallons (US)) 117.3 (31)
Hydraulic tank capacity, ltr (gallons (US)) 45 (11.9)
Shovel cap SAE heaped, m³ (yd³) 0.86 (1.12)
Alternator capacity, Amp 130


Max. Forward Speed, kph (mph) 36.2 (22.5)
Max. Reverse Speed, kph (mph) 12.2 (7.6)
Lift Capacity to Full Height, kg (lbs) 2876 (6340)
Oscillation angle, ± Degrees 22
Power Take Off No
Breakout force std shovel, kN (lbf) 38.7 (8700)
System voltage, V 12
Pump type Gear
Pump flow, lt/min (gallons (US) / min) 104 (27.5)
System pressure, bar (PSI) 220.63 (3200)


Operating Weight, kg (lbs) 4794 (10569)

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